Tuesday, July 29, 2008

just stuff

My desk is an absolute shambles. It's not my desk and I have only got the surface space to play with. I can't wait to get back to my desk - for a variety of reasons.

I like having my time to do my correction at work and not at home.

I was saying this to my Year 11 class this morning and one student asked me if I had stated that I didn't take work home. I pointed out that yes, that was the case but in this situation I was needing to take the work home to do as I didn't have enough time with all the interruptions. Very frustrating. I am pleased that I have got the year 8 work corrected - predominantly - just the one class handing in their work at the end of this week.

Tonight we have a small concert. I think I should define the word small as we, our music department, see it. This is a single instrument night and there is only one teacher involved in the set up. This teacher is at school 2 days a week and has over 20 students. There will be solos a plenty tonight! A few duets, maybe a trio and the small ensemble that the kids are in...... I am hoping to be out of here by 9pm! Good luck!

I arrived in today wearing a nice chunky hand knit - a black number - when the teacher bounded up to me and told me that I needed to be MC for the night. Noice! I am not dressed to appear on stage.....but it will have to do! A bit of lippy and it will all be foine! I might even drag a brush over my hair.

Speaking of which. I have had the most interesting time lately with students, teachers and a few parents asking me if I have recently had my hair done? They tell me it looks nice, darker and the blunt cut looks terrific. When I state that I haven't in the last 4 weeks, they look quizzical. The only difference is that I haven't actually styled my hair. I have DEAD - STRAIGHT hair. I mean there is no body, not a wave or a whisper of a kink in my hair. I have found a fantastic hairdresser who cuts body into my hair....... But to be told my hair looks nice when I have done NOTHING! It has made me re evaluate the whole styling/brushing thing. I mean when I do something and get no compliments, then do nothing and get compliments. It's doing my head in.

I made mention of doing the cats head in last night. I don't have a particularly brave cat. She runs away at the sound of plastic being scrunched. Last night was an absolute hoot. There I am with the bubble toy....you remember the type you had in a lolly bag from a party when you were a kid? This was the 'adult' version. Same concept, not very diluted liquid soap and a handle with an eyehole that you blow the bubbles out of, but in a mini champagne bottle. There I am, I blew out a few bubbles. The cat watched with interest from the other side of the room - on her MASSIVE scratching post. She came towards me, a bubble floated down, hit her ear and popped. She jumped then bolted.

I then read with dismay about Doris, Mr Abodes cat. I am jealous beyond words. He does mention that Orlando is not very brave but I am not convinced.

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