Tuesday, June 3, 2008

still exam writing

Well I finished the music styles exam. I am now in the process of finishing the Performance exam. The exams themselves are not that difficult to write - the layout is the key to both.

Styles exam - write about 1 -3 music elements for each sound recording that is played. Then lots of lines for the kids to write on and we're done with the writing section. Creating the audio cd is the hardest thing to do. You have to select sections of the music, line them up in the right space, create 'silence' and then put it all together and then burn it to a cd. This one I created had 45 minutes of stuff - only about 12 minutes of music altogether and then the rest is silence. I forgot to put the voice on their to interrupt the kids reverie. They will be writing furiously and suddenly the music will start. I have a bit of early metal, 20th Century music and African rhythmic music. I think the kids will be entertained.

The Performance exam is probably worse. There are 12 questions in total. Lots of silence and 6 Aural questions. Each one of these has to be repeated....I'm going to be at it for ever!

Gym great again last night. To anonymous - please sign your name or give yourself a nickname as I love to comment back but feel a bit strange without a name - no bench pressing where I work out. Circuit program. I lift various weights depending on the action but the minimum is 15 kgs up to 41 kgs for squats.

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CelticBuffy said...

Being in the US it always throws me a little off when you write about school, forgetting that while we are on summer break, you are not.

Kudos on the gym work! I'm still trying to motivate myself to get out and at least go for a walk.