Thursday, June 5, 2008

emotional meltdown

My work place is a crazy mixed up hive of emotions.

(I am a contributor to this......)

At the present moment, like most schools in the lovely state of Victoria, we are finalising marking (which might mean writing exams and then correcting them or it could mean assignments......blech!) then actually writing reports.

In the position that I am in at the moment (instrumental music coordination) I am having to help other teachers write their reports so this means that I am quite far behind in my own marking etc. Today I sat and corrected all the listening things - well they are kids compositions and I had to sit and listen to them. Quite entertaining.

What I should tell you is that I only have my year 12 work left to correct and tidy up the year 9's and the year 7's. Yay me.

Tonight I do all the boring bits on the reports - what the kids personal management profile is like etc.

BUT I have changed tack from where I started. My work place is a crazy mixed up hive of emotions.

Today I have witnessed people on a high and being very silly......they are laughing hysterically at each other. I have also seen some of the best hissy fits - from mainly men!

The highlight of the day was a woman (who I personally think is a pain in the arse) telling another member of staff that he was being a pedant. This from a woman who complains if your class is noisy and she is teaching next door. What does she expect from a performance based subject?

Last night the administration cancelled a performance we had on tonight - I don't care one way or another but it did cause all sorts of emotional outbursts last night and today. Students complaining, some cheering.....then the staff were a little narky about it too - well only those who knew about it.

One bloke, who Mr Scott has referred to a few times in his blog, had THE best sooky la la moment in front of me and I was amused.

I also love people who get upset at this time of the year as the "reporting season has snuck up on" them. "How am I supposed to get everything done?" is the general cry of anguish that can be heard from the troops...... At this point in time I generally mutter to myself "it's at the same time every year!" while I am snarling away at the computer and everyone else around me does not seem to think that they MUST be quiet......... I often wonder how teachers who have been teaching 10+ years are always surprised by reports happening 6 months from the beginning of the year.......but then these same people find the end of year reports just as surprising.......

Well, I'm off now to have a singing lesson and loosen the tension that has been generated. Enjoy your evening!

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Vanessa said...

It sounds like you are keeping calm compared to the others. Good luck and hopefully it's all over soon.