Monday, June 2, 2008

very slack . . . hah!

I haven't finished my list. I didn't get to the netball - the girl I was going with didn't manage to get tickets but that meant that I spent more time with my mum and I even went shopping for her.

Actually that makes me think a great deal about the strange happenings I have seen while out and shopping. On Friday night I saw two girls get picked up for shoplifting by an undercover in-store detective. It was fascinating.

Yesterday while I was there I saw an old woman in a wheelcahir being pushed around by a bloke who was explaining why he hadn't done something. Without missing a beat the woman said, in a thick bogan Australian accent "Well you should have got it sorted out before you went in you Fucker." I did a double take as it wasn't something I was expecting.

Did you know that rubber backed bath mats are almost impossible to find! I spent almost 1 1/2 hours looking for those for my mum. I got most of the other things easily - a little bit of looking but those mats were a bugger to find!

So back to that list - I got half an exam written. I did finish the pair of socks for my friend and gave them to her - she loves the. I started another pair while I was sitting at mums house totally different and very entertaining to knit.

I should finish the exams today at work. I should also be able to get the year 11 correction done. It's all good.

When I get home tonight I might actually get the vacuuming done which means that I might have finished the weekends list. What an achievement it would be.

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