Thursday, May 29, 2008

What a day

I have had an interesting day - an emotional roller coaster if you will.

8am I was at work taking a theory class - all good except for the few kids who don't complete the work .......grr....

8.30 I assessed a couple of kids for their technical work. Happy about that - and got through a few more during 1st period.

Recess yard duty was a hoot the kids were freaking out at this mad woman announcing VERY LOUDLY that she was coming to talk VERY LOUDLY next to them to get them outside. (I was on corridor duty).

A student had a mild panic attack during period 3 and I sent him to talk to one of the many people we have in the school that is there for him. I assumed what it was about, he had broken up with the girl he was dating and there are a few other pressures going on in his world outside school. This is a young man who really does live life along the emotional spectrum. He is an interesting thinker too. I don't agree with any of his political thoughts - which does arise from time to time in music (why certain pieces were written etc), but I do like his tenacity to fight for his beliefs.

I really was concerned about him as I haven't seen him go just about over the edge before. He is a final year student and it is often the year you see 'interesting' behaviour. The way they relax in the following year is also fantastic.

I assessed more students and their technical work at lunch, then taught a new topic I hadn't even got my head around during period 5. The kids were great. I was fantastic.

I didn't tell you that during period 2 and 4 I was correcting lots of work! I was feeling fantastic.

Period 6 my students presented their version of Black Betty - an acoustic style they said had "chillage". It kept me amused. But I did let myself down by accusing a student of being lazy. He thinks one word should be enough in a performance review. I can accept that if the word actually defines what he is thinking but he used the word "Good". So when I asked the question what do you mean by "good?", he just stared at me blankly and said "I think that I have said enough." It got interesting then.

I also finished Helen Garners book "The Spare Room" and was almost weeping. I started the book last night and couldn't put it down. Sleeping, driving and teaching got in the way. I'm now ready for my book club.

After a great bitch session - I really needed it - I am back to correcting work again.

Then off to shop for mum, a singing lesson and then home. Woo Hoo!

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