Friday, May 30, 2008

friday night update

So I have almost got through all the correction. I am almost relieved. Well actually I am very relieved. I have a few year 8 assignments to correct (3 in total) and re correct a few year 7 assignments (up to 10) then I have 22 year 9 assignments to mark. Then I have year 11 assignments (compositions) and their explanations.

After this I have 2 exams to write - 1 for Styles and 1 for Performance. It won't take me that long to write them but I have to make a cd for each of them. How exciting! I will be recording my dulcet tones for the children to listen to while they are writing furiously. It should be fun to watch their faces.

Finally, reports!

What a fun weekend I have planned!

In amongst all of this I will go to the gym, have dinner with a good friend for her birthday (I have socks to finish) and I will go to the netball with a few other friends on Sunday afternoon. Sounds like a plan to me.

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