Saturday, May 31, 2008

planning too much?

I've been to the gym this morning. I had my second 'training session' and the instructor I had was very tough. She set the weights a lot more heavier than I had on Wednesday. I am a little - actually I don't know how to describe what I am feeling but I know that I am feeling something. It is somewhere between tired and energised. Muscles are tired but I feel energised.

I have finished one sock of the pair and then discovered that the wool that I am about to begin is wound in the exact opposite to the first ball. It means that if I hadn't picked that up the socks would be the same colouring but a complete opposite to each other. So I wound the wool off for the amount that I think I will need and I have started - the socks could end up being very interesting.

After I have finished breakfast I will do a couple of loads of washing, clean the house and then go shopping for food. I will, after I have done all of this, get a lot of the correction done. I might even get the exams written today.

Dinner tonight - take out roast......yum.

In amongst all of this I am hoping to finish the other sock and I am hoping to get some reading done. I think I might have planned too much into my day.......I'll get you up to speed tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

What weights do young women do these days? How much can you squat / bench press?
My daughter says she can squat 85Kg - rather impressive
Or do you just have those pretty plastic covered weights?