Saturday, May 17, 2008

success at dinner.

Last nights dinner and movies went quite successfully.

Healer Man tried, unsuccessfully, to engage me in conversation the MINUTE he sat down at the table - despite the fact that I was talking to another person at that time. I think the fact that I ignored him totally might have told him that he needed to wait.

Healer Man had also brought a book to share with Pharmacy distributor. I think the book was something to do with natural psychology - or something along those lines.....two other people asked him about the nature of the book and he suddenly was in his element looking for ways to heal the world naturally.

Teacher Lady was there too and she was in moderate form. I sat two people away from her and didn't really engage her in conversation. She was fairly calm until the Tall Dasher walked in. She changed her personality completely. "Hi Tall Dasher" she squealed. He greeted her with a deep "How're you going Teacher Lady?" and then went and sat at the other end of the table AWAY from her. There were 6 people between her and Tall Dasher but that didn't stop her bringing him into the conversation. She yelled out to him quite proudly.

Now Tall Dasher has become an interesting character for me to observe. The first time I met him (I was only there as another woman had told me he was 'perfect' for me and he might be the father of my children - no pressure!) he was dominant. Every conversation was something he was able to contribute a fair amount to. I realise that he was probably nervous and felt that he had to prove himself. I wasn't really taken by his personality, I didn't mind his looks though.

Next time I met Tall Dasher he was very quiet - he had almost done a complete u-turn. I didn't talk to him much but watched him talk to others out of the corner of my eye. What I observed was that he was starting to find his feet and was starting to listen as opposed to just talk.

Last night I had a quick chat to him - I realised that I am NOT his type. As soon as he had the chance he moved to the other end of the table where a red head was sitting. This is the second time I have seen him spell bound by a red head - I think that is what grabs his attention. But the thing that I did see and approve of was the fact that he looked to say hello and then goodbye to everyone. His sense as a social being was something that I appreciated. When people were disappearing to go and see whatever movie they had chosen (I saw Miss Pettigrew - it's ok but not a dazzler!) he got up to say goodbye to them. Not something that I have seen within the social club much and it was quite refreshing.

My obligations as a host (basically event organiser) are now over. I feel much relieved that it has all finished. I don't have to make sure that people are sitting next to someone they will chat to, don't need to book venues and definitely don't need to worry about money at the end of a meal. I also can now go to events without feeling obligated. It is brilliant! I might actually feel a bit happier about the social group again!

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