Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cold weather

Yesterday was one of the COLDEST days I have experienced in a long time. I think the thermastat struggled to get above 7 deg. Celsius.(44.6 F)

I was out and about and was frozen when I was in the car, going to the next place and still when I was in a place with heating. I was stunned when I heard the neighbours out the back kicking it up a little.

I was thinking that they were going to be inside as the weather became colder. Now I am wondering why they have a house at all. I think they would be better with a tent (thinking a large tepee).

Thursday night was entertaining as they had a welder going at about 7.30 at night then sat around talking with the lights blazing (my kitchen and laundry had reflected light!) and then finally a very loud argument. I was out Friday night so not sure what happened but last night they were quiet by the time I got home near midnight.

I am a little way off moving but I am definitely not going to be here next Summer as I am over the sound of the bogans having arguments etc. I particularly am over the fact that they have a wood heater out there that they fire up each and every night. One bonus about winter is the fact that I have a heater going and I cant hear them clearly.

I know that I am grumpy about the neighbours as I am tired (physically and mentally) from everything else going on in my world. Anything could just 'get' to me at this stage.......Well not really. I am exaggerating.


Frogdancer said...

Exaggerating eh? What if I poked you with a stick, backed away, giggled, then poked you again.... etc?

widget said...

Don't tempt me with such excitement! Being poked with a stick sounds like something I could easily react to.....particularly the the poker had a manical glint in their eye.