Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm dreaming.......

Update - day 1 of focused energy.

Kids are not coping with me remaining focused! Where is the crazy banter that dominates my classroom? We are covering lots more in the room, we had already so now it's massive amounts.

Correction - not completely done but will be done by the end of today. I have downloaded the reporting package and have set up my classes. I am able to start inputting results now. Probably have them done by the end of next week!

Housework. Vacuuming NOT done but washing away and all looks very tidy.

Craft. I tried to finish the hoodie last night but the wool I am using, ok to knit with but CRAP to sew up with. Will have to purchase other wool in same colour to be able to complete. Thinking this will be put aside to the weekend. Started a new pair of socks to be completed by Saturday for friends birthday.

Gym - went last night and loved it. It's one of those places for busy women. 30 minutes in and out! This means it takes me 1 hour all up to do a work out (15 mins there etc). I am pretty happy about that!

So now you are up to speed.

I will now tell you about my scary nightmare I had Sunday night. It took me a good 12 hours to get to the stage to be able to cope with it! I told a few people at work and they are LAUGHING! How rude!

Have you ever had a naked dream? This is something that I have never had until last Sunday night. I think it was the weirdest and scariest thing that I could've ever dreamt!

I was running my home group (tutor/form whatever you want to call it but it is basically roll call) and the kids were all in my bathroom. I was in the shower! Yes I was naked. My shower is glass framed structure.

The kids, in my dream, were screaming. Who can blame them?

Their level coordinator came into the room and said "Why are you so upset? This is normal. Your teacher is a lovely looking woman!"

The kids continued to scream and then left the room in a major hurry.

I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me. I was wandering through the house and realised I was in the Big Brother house. [I have only ever watched two series of that from beginning to end and now find it very difficult to deal with so this was very strange to be there.]

The kids were all huddled on the HUGE couch in the middle of the room and the voice of Big Brother was asking the kids why they found it so strange that there teacher was naked. "She is a very voluptuous woman and she is very beautiful." [Thanks BB].

I woke up at that moment and had myself a scream!

I struggled going into home group yesterday.........

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Scott said...

An interesting question would be which year level coordinator it was who was reassuring the kids!