Monday, May 26, 2008

changing behaviours

I have set myself a challenge with my year 11 students that I think I will put into other aspects of my life as well.

The challenge is to remain focused on the set task. With the year 11's it is to remain on the topic we are discussing in the class and not go on random topics that distract us from what I had initially started with. It should be a good task for me as I can be easily distracted. I have to remain work oriented with the kiddies. This particular class has 3 students who are in my other year 11 class and they asked me if I could do the same for both classes. 10 periods a week! Well I am up for it!

In the rest of my life I can apply this.

Correction (not that different from focused energy in the classroom) is something I can distract myself from VERY easily. Today I start the campaign to change that.

Friends - keeping to the one topic of conversation as long as I can. Well actually I have a slightly different tangent (I have changed focus again - see that?) which I think I do need to work on. I might not state exactly what it is I am going to as a few of my friends read this blog and they will watch me carefully. But I will make this pledge that I plan on changing something in my past behaviour that actually annoys me! If you, my friends, can work out what I have done to change previous behaviour let me know.........If you are confused then that is also very good. I have made this an odd sort of pledge but then I know what I mean.......oh I need to move on.

Reading - read one book at a time and not do what I am doing at the moment - I have 4 books on the go. I am so confused and I have to pare that back to one idea at a time.

Craft - Finish the tasks that I have set. Sew up the zippered hoodie I made. Make 4 pairs of socks, make the skirts and pants that I have material for and finally work on the tapestries. I have too many tasks going at the moment......I get bored easily and therefore don't like committing myself to any one thing.

- get the garden sorted out it is driving me insane!

Housework - maintain what I have. I get distracted in this too. I should give myself a time limit and then work to that. From the weekend I still have the vacuuming to do, the washing to put away and wash the floors (I'll finish that tonight.)

Exercise - focus on committing myself to one activity and see it through from beginning to end! (Actually I have my first appointment at the gym tonight).

I think I might have to revisit the use of my diary. Am a little lacklustre there.

I believe that is all that I have to focus on - to put it simply I should do one task at a time and get it done properly. Oh my. That will change my behaviour for the time being as I try to multitask all the time.

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