Thursday, April 3, 2008

walking in the wind

It's Thursday and I have 3 1/2 days left before having to go back to work.

I have been walking pretty much daily for about an hour each day. I will catch the train four days a week from Monday onwards so that I can get an hour walk in still. The feeling - especially in the wind - is sensational. Today when I walked along the beach it was invigorating. It was amazing. With the crazy winds that we had yesterday the tide came RIGHT in - I mean right up to the sand dunes. It was on the way out as we walked along the beach. The wind was blasting in and we struggled to walk the 500m along from the strand to the yacht club. The wind chill factor was out there - it felt like it was about 9 deg cel. (I will learn how to put in the superscript at some stage on here).

While we were pushing along the beach we talked to a crazy man and his dog. I call him a crazy man as he was in shorts, bare foot and was walking along in the water. We said that we thought it was amazing that he was walking without shoes on. Gruffly he replied "What's five degree difference between being in the water and out of the water? It is really refreshing and it makes you know that you're alive. There are some people who really want to be out here but they're not brave enough. I couldn't imagine not being out here in this." His dog did not look happy to be out there - in fact the dog was excited that there were a few others out in the weather with him...... strange. We left him to wander along in the wind, cold and tidal waters.

I might go and do some preparation for work now.

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