Friday, April 4, 2008

I love shopping.

Yesterday I went shopping and spent more on the new wool than the clothes I got for work.

I went to my favourite shop for jackets and skirts. That's all I buy there. I spent a whole $20 on two skirts - fully lined, and two fully lined jackets that are nicely tailored.

So where do I shop for these bargains? Savers. I have always been an op shop type of girl. I love going in and reclaiming articles of clothing that look like they really need an airing. I go to this particular shop (which supports groups like the Diabetes foundation) once every few months. I don't go more often as the 'unique' items don't come in frequently. I flip through the clothes looking at the same box shape and colour/texture material jackets/skirts until I come to something that is different. Yesterday it was a fully lined Perri Cutten jacket, single breasted and olive green tweed. It was marked at $7.99. A bargain I thought. I kept looking through various items and finally picked up another jacket (a pink one) and two skirts.

As I was moving to the counter an announcement came across - For each green tagged item (all the clothes have a colour tag which represents when they came in) that you pay for in full you receive another coloured tag at half price! This is why I paid no more than $20. That jacket I badly described I got for $4! SUPER bargain.

Now I will just get them dry cleaned. I might go across to other op shops today.

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Vanessa said...

OMG, they have Savers there???? I had no idea. I love that place!