Sunday, April 6, 2008

This is it

I have just read Joh's blog and Frogdancer's blog. Funny how all us teachers run on the same line. I was going to write about how it is the end of the holidays and that I have done this, not done this and that I feel that I should've done that. They seem to have covered that pretty well so I might have to go on a slightly different tangent.

I woke up this morning and realised that I was all out of kilter. I put the clocks back an hour before I went to bed and rolled over this morning to look at the time and thought 'Huh?' It looked like it was 7am outside (the time I have woken up most mornings - which is a sleep in for me!) but the clock said 6am. At least I know that I will be able to wake in time tomorrow morning.

I rearranged my bedroom yesterday. I just turned the bed around so that my feet are not facing towards the door. Apparently that is really good Feng Shui the way that I have my bed now. It was a little disconcerting waking up this morning and facing a different wall. Good thing about this was the fact that I could roll over and open the blinds without actually getting out of bed - lazy thing I know but it was a novelty this morning.

I decided that as it was early I would have a lie in and watch the world go by. I got up and fed the cat, also opening the back door so she could escape and do her thing, then made a cup of coffee which I took back to bed. I lay there looking at the world through the window and realised that you really don't see a lot when you are in the back unit in a large group of units. There isn't a cloud in the sky so I couldn't even watch the changing patterns of the clouds. So I read for a bit - 6 chapters later I got up. It was more the impact of watching the lady in the unit in front of mine weeding her garden. When my bed faced the other way I never saw such industrious people - that's the thing with vertical blinds, you can hide the working world.

As I have a student teacher starting tomorrow I think I might have to do some preparation for tomorrow. I have to look prepared. So that is my plan for the day - as well as a walk along the beach later this afternoon. I might sneak a little bit of knitting in and maybe even some more reading.

Enjoy your day - the weather here in Melbourne is glorious.

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