Monday, April 7, 2008

freaking the cat

I have freaked the cat out completely. Not hard when you rearrange your room and have the bed in a different place to where she sat on it earlier. Even after two days she is a little wary of the bed being in a different position. She sneaks into my bedroom and then just stops and looks at the bed with wide eyes and then sits. It has made me laugh a lot.

I know she is really freaked. I woke this morning and the bed was surrounded by her small stuffed toys that she has brought to me during the night. You have to be prepared if you get out of bed in the middle night for a toilet stop. You stand on something soft, squishy and it squeaks which freaks you out completely.

With these thoughts in mind I will now get ready for work and the first day back of term.


Anonymous said...

You Big - cat small.
Cat has to bring sacrifice playthings to placate Big .
Remember this .
Why not taunt the cat a bit

Vanessa said...

Poor kitty! Hopefully she will adjust soon!