Sunday, April 13, 2008

sunday sunday

I am having a really quiet weekend and I am loving it! I didn't plan on doing very little this weekend. I thought I might get up to lots but the opportunity to relax and refresh hit me and I took it with both hands and I ran with it as fast as I could. (well considering that I am trying to relax that is just a lie. I actually took the opportunity and vegged out on the couch).

I have done a few things that I wanted and needed to do - household shopping, some reading and lots of knitting. I have sat with the cat on my lap and I have looked at the seventh series of 'Red Dwarf' I have played with the cat in the sunshine. I have laughed at her while she engages the cat from next door - more like her belting it in the face.....

Today I might have to do some work for school but I might also catch up with a few friends for lunch somewhere. Just see how I feel. I will begin the day with a good walk and some nutritious food.

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