Saturday, April 12, 2008

another one for today

Just come back from my long walk with great friend and child who live around the corner. It was great - we debriefed the week and she now sees the distance I travel each day to get to work. she dropped her husband at work, which is near mine, and now understands why I say it is far. It was also great talking through student teacher. Her reaction "what an idiot", in amongst a lot of other things as well.

Anyway I got home and I put a load of washing on and knitted a few rows in my zipper cardigan with hood (yes I am making a hoodie!). Up to the right front now. Left front all done - looks smashing. I thought that I would quickly catch up on the blog reading and found that Laura had done this meme and I decided to do it to as it was interesting. If you feel inclined you can do it too. I am not tagging anyone!

7 former jobs
1. Personal care attendant in geriatric care
2. Chef assistant
3. House Cleaner (although looking at my place you wouldn't think that right now!)
4. Nanny
5. Private music teacher in own studio
6. Pamphlet deliverer
7. Babysitter

7 places I have lived (I have only put in the places I was for a long period of time)
1. Chelsea (current)
2. Ashburton (nearest I have got to living in the city after moving out of family home)
3. Berwick (Melbourne outer suburb)
4. Lang Lang (country Victoria - near Kooweerup where I worked)
5. Trafalgar (country Victoria)
6. Launceston, Tasmania
7. Hawthorn (family home, in Melbourne)

7 favourite foods
1. Lasagna
2. Moist, roast chicken
3. Zucchini and bacon muffins
4. Anzac biscuits
5. boiled eggs
6. pad Thai
7. walnuts and Vegemite sandwiches.

7 things I say frequently
1. shit happens
2. Lets all move on now
3. um
4. ok
5. do you understand
6. basically
7. aaargh (in relation to neighbours)

7 movies I have loved

1. Shawshank redemption
2. Lord of the Rings (all of them)
3. Fried Green tomatos at the whistle stop cafe
4. Pride and Prejudice
5. Toy Story
6. Walk the Line
7. Jane Austen Book Club

7 things I did today
1. paid the lawn mower man
2. went for an hour walk
3. did a load of washing
4. had breakfast
5. caught up on the blog reading
6. played with the cat
7. finished the front left of my cardigan

7 things I can see from my current location
1. messy coffee table
2. sleeping cat on chair beside me
3. sunlight on the fence and plants outside the door
4. turned off television
5. 'An Irish Blessing'
6. Wool for my unfinished jumper/cardigan
7. Contents of my handbag spilling out everywhere

7 people I would like to have dinner with
1. Morgan Freeman - great actor
2. Dalai Lama (at the moment it would be interesting)
3. Kevin Rudd (current Prime Minister and talk about his overseas trip.....)
4. Schoenberg - the composer so I can ask him "why?"
5. Ella Fitzgerald - great technique that I could ask her about
6. Boadicea - it would be interesting to hear her views of the world and see if she really was a radical/revolutionary
7. Dr Hedley Beare - I loved him as a lecturer and would love to catch up.

I have never
1. been arrested
2. lived in a defacto relationship
3. had children (not sure if I do)
4. bought property
5. traveled to Europe/Africa/Americas
6. reversed a vehicle with a tow successfully
7. renovated my own place

7 things on my to-do list

1. Buy my own place
2. Have an amazing vegetable garden
3. Travel to Europe
4. Write a book
5. Fall in love for life
6. Be financially successful
7. Laugh, like there's no tomorrow

Go on and have a go yourself.

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