Saturday, April 12, 2008

Moving reflection

I've started having a look for places. It is very frustrating. I really love the unit I'm in. It's just that I have dickheads for neighbours (I wont go into again here!) and that I am so far from work. This week I have really noticed the distance I travel. I am leaving for work at 7.20- 7.25 am and getting to work pretty much at 8am. Sometimes I might get there a little later depending on the traffic but I am over it.

I look at the pictures of the places that are available and I sigh as I realise that I am in such a BIG unit. Then I growl at the neighbours (who have been quiet but that is just spooky) for the fact that they seem to have forced my hand in this regard.

I have made this HUGE decision that I will not move until I have saved the moving money. I have finally got to the amount I wanted to save for my house deposit by this time. I am not touching that so I have to save again.....this should take me about 6 or 7 pays so I will look around and see what is on the market place and then move when the time is right. I feel quite content within myself.

I am lucky in that I have had people giving me lots of support in this decision. My singing teacher told me on Thursday night (while he was making me do vocal aerobics!) that I should engage the positive visualisation so that I don't end up next to more idiots. He is right and I am trying to work out what I think the 'ideal' neighbour is. What I should also do as part of this is picture what things my neighbours do that annoy me and then think the absolute opposite - or something along those lines.

I'm off on a walk now on an overcast Saturday where I will spend most of the day doing work for my Year 12 kiddy.

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