Friday, April 11, 2008

end of the week

It seems to be settling down everywhere - although the wind is picking up!

My student teacher seems to have calmed down a great deal. I found out that a teacher he had previously (and someone who supervised me) dropped dead earlier this week - on the weekend. This would have affected him greatly! But he is quieter, listening and he is really starting to sort things out in his brain. I have backed right off so he has to take some initiative himself and he is. yay!

I put a complaint in about my neighbours - yes I am moving but I need to make sure that the point is made to them too! I have complained to the local council - an environmental complaint. I have told the council about the TV and stereo and also about the wood fire thingy that they have against the fence line. The woman asked me about speaking to them. I laughed and said that considering the way that they speak to each other I will not go near them.... Now I am waiting for the person who will investigate to get back to me.

Have a great weekend.


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Good for you for the compliant. Hopefully you find a wonderful new place soon.