Thursday, April 10, 2008

quick updates

So he stayed. Just thought I would let you all know.

When he came in on Wednesday we had a deep and meaningful conversation - I pointed out my thoughts about what I had overheard and the fact that it was a stupid thing to have occurred and he agreed. He was rather sheepish but he did apologise!

Today he is much better. We talked through his lesson ideas and he was amazed about how much he would actually be able to get through, or more appropriately how much he would not get through in one lesson. Like most student teachers he is not aware of the learning capabilities of kids, especially considering the fact that there will be lots of behavioural issues to work through as well!

I think it will be ok. We'll see.

Neighbours update. (You have been waiting....)

Mother and daughter had the BEST argument that I have EVER heard them have. It was out in the backyard, there was yelling, there was swearing and there were tears! Great! This took place at 9pm and went on for a good 45 minutes. It also included door slamming and phone calls to others as 'witnesses'. Seeing I was bored by what was on tv at that stage I listened in.

Since I have decided to move I find that it is quite amusing. I realised that I just need to move from the bogan capital of the seaside suburbs of Melbourne. I need to move to an area where I will hear a more civilised argument! I have decided that 7 more pays should do it beautifully.


Frogdancer said...

When I read your first sentence I thought you had a stray man over....

I'd forgotten about the student teacher.

Vanessa said...

Keep us posted on the student teacher, should be interesting! The neighbors? Don't leave out any details should they fight again. Good luck finding your new place!