Monday, April 14, 2008

missing text

There is something about telecommunications. This has happened a few times to me - someone has written a text message to me but it doesn't seem to get through.

The first major time that it happened was when this guy, who I had been interested in but then I discovered had VERY strange almost-religious beliefs, was sending me text messages. I didn't receive any texts from him and had no idea that he was trying to get through. The strange thing about all of this was the fact that when he and I spoke to each other in person he kept blaming me - as if I had got the text messages and was ignoring them. I didn't get any of them! It is hard to convince someone of this when they then 'test the theory' with you in the same space and lo the text appears! Makes you look dodgy! I still don't think he believes me.

Lately it has been happening with one of my very good friends. I send her a text to see what is going on - she replies and I don't get it. Again it does make me look dodgy but I am not getting the texts.....Take yesterday as an example. I sent a text asking where a group of people were meeting for lunch and then I heard nothing. I assumed that she was busy riding and didn't get the message but would respond later in the day when she got home. I was hunky-dory with that.

True, I did get a text message but it said "we missed you". I then realised that yet again someones text DID NOT get through. I should have rung her to say this but we had a text conversation instead - which can be a little scary as people can misinterpret what you are saying. Thank goodness that this didn't happen. We had a sort of chuckle with the lack of information that was getting through.

I really hate this. I hate the fact that something or someone in the telecommunications is stopping important texts getting though. It feels that someone has got it 'in' for me. I know that this is not the case...... It makes me really frustrated. It makes me look rude as I am not responding. OR if I have sent a text out and I get 'no' response, it makes the other person look rude to me.

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