Sunday, February 10, 2008

VERY lazy day

Sitting in the loungeroom this morning I realise that I love the laziness of Sundays.

There is something so relaxing about doing nothing and realising that tomorrow you have to go back to work.

I will spend the day doing very little, maybe a little housework, maybe potter in the garden and then read for the most part of the day.


Douglas Wilkie said...

What a lovely relaxing Sunday afternoon you describe....

Hello... I came across your blog a while ago and am intrigued... I hope you don't mind me commenting... but then I suppose that's what blogs on the internet are meant for.

widget said...

Thanks for that Douglas.

You seem to be hiding your profile....Hmm what does that mean.

Douglas Wilkie said...

Hiding my profile? What does that mean? Oh no! It means I didn't need it on my blog because everything about me is actually in the blog itself so I didn't display it... didn't realise it was meant to show up when leaving comments elsewhere (which I hardly ever do)... anyway, thanks for telling me... and now it is unhidden and you can have a look if you feel like it... :)