Saturday, February 9, 2008

bad habits

I think I have developed some annoying habits. I'm not sure how it happened but I think it has something to do with living on my own for a while!

This morning being the domestic goddess that each one of us occasionally becomes and I was hanging my washing out. Before I got to the line I stood at the washing machine and sorted the washing into smalls which go in the basket first as they are the last to be hung up, t shirts and shirts which are next in the basket and each one is turned the correct way, and finally pants again put in the correct way. I realised that this was something that I was doing and stopped myself from dividing the shirts and pants into the long versus short varieties. I am scared of what this might mean.

I did not stop myself from folding the washing so that the part that touches the line was at the top and was the only part that I needed to touch.

I also have noticed that I have a particular way of folding sheets (including fitted ones which have crisp folds in them), towels, tshirts, jumpers, pants etc. Each thing that I have mentionned find themselves in a particular space on the shelf or in the drawer. I get frustrated when I have noticed that I was too tired to do it properly and have to redo it!

Thinking about this further I realise that this same desire for neatness I have a tidy desk and things are organised in my filing cabinet both at home and at work.

BUT I have found a loop hole. I dont keep things 'just so' in my everyday living. There is mess. I dont keep totally on top the correction that comes in - it is done within the week but not the same day!

These habits that I am developing are able to be controlled......I just have to put my mind to it.


Frogdancer said...

There's a saying that perfect people are the only ones who live alone. (There's no one else to point out what they're doing wrong/weirdly.)
But pay no attention to that. That washing stuff is just plain disturbing....

Thank you so much for that amazing comment on my blog today. I have no words....

Vanessa said...

Actually if you can show me how to fold the fitted sheet so its something other than a wad of material, I'd be truly grateful!