Friday, February 8, 2008

anticipating the neighbours

I got home from my singing lesson last night (will come back to this) to discover that my neighbours with the new 6.5 foot high fence, except in the small section I share with them, have put fence topper on top of my section AND put a heat generating contraption next to my fence!!!! I think this means that they are going to be out there all winter as well! I am now officially freaking out! I am beside myself. I thought that the end was in sight with Autumn fast approaching. Apparantly I am quite wrong.

To add to this I have the pleasure of the spotlight set up in their backyard. AAARRRGGHHH! I am really not happy. My backyard is quite illuminated. Does this mean that they will be noisy every night? (I will find out!) Does this mean that I am going to be frustrated by everything that they do? (probably!)

I will find out what they intend to do this weekend. I will keep you posted.

Back to more pleasurable things.


I went back to my lessons last night. I was so relaxed at the end of it that I felt refreshed. I have learnt the new technical names about head and chest voice - I will have to refer to my notes as I cant quite remember them off by heart now.

It was good to see Harry again. He made things really easy to understand and he is planning on a few things for me.

On the way home antoher random thing occured. Pulled up to the set of lights just near Harry's house and this tiny, little, old, Greek man knocked on my window and asked me for a lift home. The last bus went by, he flagged it but it didnt' stop. He was visibly upset so I gave him a lift. He asked me if I was a Greek girl as I look Greek. I said I wasn't and he told me he was surprised as I am a beautiful woman and they are all Greek.

PLEASE believe me when I say that I don't normally give lifts to total strangers. This was a very unusual situation. The man was no more than 5'2" and he was VERY old. I could have crushed him........

Now for the weekend and deciding if I want to run 14km in an upcoming fun run. I was happy with the idea of 5.7 km, but my personal trainer (how wanky does that sound!) said I should aim at the longer distance! What is she thinking? Here is the site if you want to have quick look and offer your opinion.

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