Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Time Management

Getting back into the swing of things and trying to keep up a blog is hard. One of the English teachers at work told me so. I hadnt really thought that hard about it but once she mentioned it I realised she was right. Then froglady agreed. She understands time management issues. She would have to with 4 boys, her frugality kick, many creative tasks and teaching on top of it all!
(She is reading it over my shoulder so she is really using her time management skills - no comments will be given online. Only in person!)

I looked at the week I had last week and realised that I hadn't blogged much as I was too busy with work.

I thought today that I would have more energy but with late netball games (we lost) and having to get up early, I realised that I might have to slow down a little so I can get more done(?)

Last night I got home to discover that I cant see the neighbours! They have put a BLOODY GREAT BIG FENCE up! I mean this thing is over 6 feet high! I think it might be closer to 7 feet! If it means I can't hear them then I will be stoked! This could be the revolution that I needed in my life (oh how sad!)

Today started with a funny BUT frightening experience. One of the more vocal members of the staff let rip with a few choice words at the top of her voice from the other end of the staffroom. Now you have to understand that this woman swears like a trooper, used to manage a bar and is slightly deaf, and has the ability to make any situation very funny. When she let loose this morning I knew that something was up!

I found out.

Apparantly the electric socket under her desk threw out sparks and flames as she went to turn it on! This is not a good thing!

Now they're saying that what she saw was a figment of her imagination. They can't find anything wrong with it! She was a technophobe when she arrived at the school and now she will again become one as she won't go near the plugs again!

Such is the day that it was.

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Frogdancer said...

I aspire to time management!

My approach works out more to time manglement.

Colours are fine. My memory is obviously shot.