Tuesday, February 5, 2008

on the go

I went running last night. It was hot, humid and very sticky but I loved it. I found it hard to keep the legs moving so I had a little walk here and there but I ran for 40 minutes in the 60 minutes. I am determined to drop the extra kilos that I put on over Christmas and New Year.

I'll let you into my plan - Run at least 3 times a week, change what I am eating (well more likely how much I am eating), and give myself small goals to work towards. First goal is the 'Run for the Kids'. I'll be doing the 5.77km group. I dont think I could actually manage the 14kms. Not yet anyway.

I might also let you know that my 'run' is more like a 'shuffle', the feet barely leave the ground. This action is marginally faster than my walk but as it takes a little more energy than a walk so I'll stick with it.

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