Monday, February 4, 2008

working on many things

So today I have proved that I am very clever. I have also annoyed some year 7's by telling them that I am a scary teacher. Rule number 1 dictates that you should NOT tell the kids that you are scary as it proves that you are not - the kids have realised this!

I have also found that I can multitask - although this is not surprising as I am a woman. Most women can do this. I set up Year 8 band, organised my Year 11 class (Performance) and got some ideas together for the Year 7 band class and taught my Year 11 Styles class all at the same time.

I have decided that I need to get myself home and go for a run with the running group. I havent been in a week and I really need to work of some of the energy that I have swirling inside me! (sounds quite revolting).

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