Monday, February 25, 2008

Update on the neighbours

I went out for dinner with some other friends that I havent seen in months. A couple of them I have had great email and phone conversations with but it was awesome actually seeing their faces in person last night. Whilst we talked and caught up with the various bits of gossip, it wasn't until I got home that my education really began.

My neighbours gave me more of an education. I have learnt more about relationships from the mother and daughter who I back onto. Now I find this amusing as mum has had a large number of boyfriends in the last few years (according to daughter) and daughter is "madly in love" with her boyfriend (the first major one she has had ever but that doesnt stop her from wanting to move in with him).

For those of you familiar with the television show "Kath and Kim", my neighbours sound like them but on steroids! For the rest of you interested in hearing what annoys me etc have a look on you tube......

I digress. The topic of the conversation last night was about how much space you should give the man in your life and should you trust him. It involved the mother telling the daughter that the relationship she had with her man was quite trusting and she didnt feel the need to have to call him at all hours of the day. The daughter felt that this was ok for mum but didnt reflect where she and her boyfriend were at. The daughter couldnt understand why her boyfriend didnt always answer the phone, especially when he was at work "What could he be doing that was more important than talking to her?"

The daughter felt that she was being betrayed by the lack of phone answering. The mother then pointed out that maybe he was busy and couldnt get to the phone, or he couldnt answer the phone at work as he might get docked pay etc.

This seemed to pacify the daughter to some degree but the conversation continued.

Now the question arises, "Why don't you go out and tell them to be quiet?"


1) Since the VERY BIG fence went up the noise has dropped a little and I dont hear them as much.
2) I am often out but if I am home the television or radio blocks out their sound and they are generally finished before I go to bed.
3) I am voyeuristic and like to live my life through them! (and I have had an interesting education!)


Vanessa said...

I'll say! To me it sounds like they both need a lesson in self respect and paranoia reduction. Any chance of an additional fence? ;)

Douglas W said...

Ha ha ha!! Gen Y or Z...whichever... relationships over the internet and by SMS... "He hates me because he sent only two x's instead of three"... or "I sent you an SMS two minutes ago and you haven't replied so it's all off!" I want it and I want it now. Oh dear how shallow have we become... I have similar neighbours... mother and two daughters - 12 & 16 - somehow the 16yo has persuaded her mother to let her have parties... you know, the kind where they invite their friends by SMS and before you know it there are 200 uninvited gatecrashers. I'm thinking of a very BIG fence - like about 10km thick...

Anonymous said...

Now here is a thought, what about taping them and then playing back the next night to them. They will either:

1) Have a feeling of deja vu.
2) They will block it out with an equally thought provoking discussion or even answer back.
3) They are voyeuristic and like to listen to their own voices.

Oh well good catching up and having a interesting chat.

Mr Goatie