Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Monday night viewing

I have noticed that Tuesday morning is the morning that I wake up and think is it Sunday yet? I get tired easily on Monday. I don't know why. Maybe it has something to do with the band I take during the day (think 70+ kids with instruments in hand) or maybe it is the training I go to Monday night......[last night 4.5km at just over 8 minutes per kilometre]

Actually I think it is the fact that the better of TV shows are on Monday night and I feel like I have to watch them. I don't have a time shifter (read VCR/Digital recorder etc) since the last one died over two years ago. My feeling was that I was taping so many crap shows and watching them and then I wasn't taking as much notice of life around me.

Last night there was Mythbusters, always good for a laugh although I much prefer Top Gear - go the Stig - then Fourcorners - a documentary last night about the help men look for when they are in violent relationships, then a show about the Mafia. I went to bed halfway through the Mafia show as I was falling asleep.

It was brilliant on Mythbusters last night as there was this whole story about trying to beat speed cameras and then they mentioned Top Gear. I whooped.

If only all nights when I am home were this good on the box.


Vanessa said...

Ohhh, I love Mythbusters!

aka Internet Search Girl said...

I LOVE mythbusters! My favorite was the debunking of the '5 second rule' HA! I loved the jumping in the elevator one too... Poor Buster!