Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hair raising

I love the way the kids are wearing their hair.

I noticed yesterday that the kids are having a great time with the teasing comb, product and hair that is a decent 2 1/2 inches long.

Love the idea of kids looking like lions with mane...... (even if they are pussy cats in the flesh).

I remember trying to tease my hair out and setting in place. It lasted a massive 5 minutes before it collapsed completely! I am completely jealous of the kids and their hair antics.


Vanessa said...

I remember that too! I also had a special hair spray called "Stiff Stuff" that was like spray on glue. It was the best. Very hard to wash out though!

alice said...

When I took mister 10 to the hair dressers for his regular head job, they wanted to give him streaks. There are some things I put my foot down, for. This was one of them. Gel, yes. Product, sure. But streaks, or zig zags, or razor shapes on 10 year olds - no.
I am an old fashioned kinda gal.

Laura Jane said...

Oooh Widget, I am glad there are teachers around who can foster individuality in teens (even if they all look a bit the same)

My son was nearly 15 when he decided to cut off his shoulder length curly hair and go punk. He has a lovely head of hair, but as I had told him he wasn't allowed a piercing, tattoo or a skateboard until he was 23 I was quite willing for him to have unusual hair. It seemed like a very safe way of acting out. So day ONE of year 10 he turns up to school with turquoise blue spikes all over his head. He was quite ahead of his time in many ways. Bless his principal who said it was fine with her as long as he was wearing school uniform. It subsequently went all different colours and evolved into a spectacular spiked mohawk of 17 inches in length - on top of a 6 feet 5 1/2 inch son!

He is still referred to as Mohawk guy, even 3 years after he cut it off at age 19.

We went through a FORTUNE and a whole ozone layer in hairspray, but it was worth it. We cut the spikes off whole, and have them tucked away for posterity - and he is now thinning on top!!! But the memories linger on.