Wednesday, November 28, 2007

the line in the sand

So I decided to make an official complaint to my real estate agent today about the Western Front (aka neighbours out the back). I am SOOOOOOOO over them and their antics! It is not so much that they are loud - it is the lack of regularity that I object to. How can I get anything done if they are deathly quiet for days on end, and then suddenly loud an obnoxious one day out of 5 or 7 or 13? My timetable is completely stuffed because of them!

Sunday night - I think I might have said this, but I came home from HPV camp and they were watching TV in the back yard. Nothing much to do there, volume loud (normal) and they were drinking. Mum, daughter and her boyfriend.

Being as tired as I was I went to bed 9pm only to be woken at 11pm with the shrill sounds of the daughter laying into the mother. Much of it was tawdry but there were some priceless comments.

The situation, as I understand it to be, was that mum had kicked daughter's boyfriend out for raising a fist to the daughter. "Here,here" I say. The mum then went on to state that she didn't think the daughter should be involved in a violent relationship.

Daughter's comeback was the kicker! (pardon the pun!) She stated that she 'loved' the boyfriend with all of her heart and that she could see them spending a lot of their time together. She hit him as much as he hit her so it wasn't really violence at all.......

Daughter then asked her mother what right she had to tell her how to live her life as she was not a very good role model. In her 18 years she had witnessed her mother getting drunk, abusing and being abused by whatever men she was involved with and that this was all that she (the daughter) could remember of her childhood.

I thought that this was a good point.

The mother replied something, which unfortunately was in a low growl so I missed it, that fired up the daughter no end. Her reaction was like a firework going off in a gasworks factory.

The daughter screamed that what she felt like doing was going into the house and breaking EVERY window, glass and plate just to get at her mother. What right did she (the mother) have to dictate over her life now that she (the daughter) was an adult?

At this point the daughter stormed into the house (back door slamming gave that away to me) yelling some profanity or other. She arrived outside again and said that she was sick of the fact that every relationship she (daughter) had been in had ended because the guys 'HATED' the witch of a mother there.

At this point I was overcome by tiredness and decided to head back to my bed where I fell asleep to the monotonous sounds of screaming in the background.

Re reading this I realise that I must go out of my way to find out the names of the 'ladies' in this house. Would make the story a little less confusing.

So, back to where I started, I complained to the Real Estate Agent as I have had enough. They did something like this last year and I was a bit shocked but didnt do much about it. We are only in November and I have called the police once (cause it sounded like someone being punched), yelled at them to turn the music down and witnessed a really amazing fight. I hate to think what December, January and February will be like.

For my own sanity, I complained.


Frogdancer said...

But then where will you get your eavesdropping kicks?
Staffroom 3?

widget said...

As Seinfeld had the close talkers we have the distance talkers - or should that be louder communicators?