Friday, November 30, 2007

you should be dancing.....yeah!

I went to my first ballroom dancing class last night - very weird. As a result my legs are just a little sore today - 2 hours worth of dancing, the front of my arches are a little tight (note to self wear heels next week), and my brain is completely stuffed (nothing unusual there).

Walking into the venue, a warehouse in the outer beach suburbs, I noticed a distinct lack of males there. This could lead to a few things: one - the men were going to be in their element; two - I would spend the night dancing by myself; or three - I would be dancing with many a woman. In fact all of the above occurred.

We 'learnt' 5 progressive dances. The jive, the barn dance, the mayflower (?), the meringue and the cha cha. I think I am clear on the jive and the barn dance. Everything else is a blur of "rock, rock, cha, cha, cha" and "side step, 1,2,3".

I could do the dances on my own quite well - only occasionally standing on the toes of another individual.

Starting with a partner lead to an interesting development. There are those within the world who really struggle with left and right, let alone counting and moving left and right. It is also interesting to note who, amongst the males there, had been in this situation before and had good deodorant on and were sucking on a mint. Note to self, take a few mints next week.....

Progressives are fun from the point of view that when you get turned around you really have no idea where you are going to end up AND if you are meant to move onto the next person - Good luck finding them.

What I have learnt from the whole situation - men lead with the left and women lead with the right. That's it. Joke for the evening - Why do women lead with the right? Because they are always right. I didn't think it was a joke - just a statement of fact.

I will resume nursing my bruised feet and ego.

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