Monday, December 3, 2007

December funk hits

I am sitting here contemplating a lot of things.

1) Moving - neighbours are really shitting me! I also think I am over the travel to and from work and am using the excuse of the neighbours to just get closer to my work place.

2) Travel - I was thinking of Europe but realise that if I want to buy my own property I will have to look at a more economical place to go to. South America is looking brilliant at the moment and then I might saunter up to USA to see the Grand Canyon, New York and maybe go further to look at Canada and then a little bit higher and go into Alaska. I was just researching on line and realise that there is an interesting 'tango' tour. Now my mouth is starting to water. Interesting - it didnt before when thinking of Europe. Interesting.

3) My love life - or really lack there of! How to create this....I am online, I am sort of out socialising and I have taken up dance classes (not so much for the romantic interest but being able to boogie with the prospects further down the track).

I realise that December is the month where I hit a funk.....I get a little down because it is getting close to the end of the year and I contemplate my navel.....too much dust there.

It also makes me focus heavily on things that annoy - like the neighbours. I feel that if I spend too much time at home I will crack it big time.......Hmmmmm.

On a more positive note - really big positive - I made a skirt over the weekend and I am wearing it today and lots of people have commented on how good it looks. Yay Me!

Only a few more things to make etc. I will set up a space for sewing in my study - make sure that I have a stereo on in there so I can block out the neighbours......

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Scott said...

I think I need to give you a copy of my latest CD release "Scott's Christmas Collection 2007" - it's sure to evaporate any funk! Guaranteed!