Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm back

Well what an exciting time we've all had! I have been trying to get onto this beautiful web page and the server at work has been telling me that it contained porn. What a jip. I do not talk about porn - although now is a slight exception!

What have I been up to since December 3? Lots really.

Hmmm. Did a fitness assessment on Saturday. I was really impressed that I didnt collapse and die.

I did my second dance class - just as entertaining in more ways than one.

I have decided that I will stay in the unit I am in as it is financially better for me to be there than move and waste all that money on moving etc. The neighbours have annoyed the living bejeezus out of me but I will push through this!

I finally had a successful first date! - About bloody time!

I also cleaned my desk completely (at work), and sorted out the study at home - just a little bit more to get through.

At this stage I have an entire 10 days left in the working year! I am very excited about it all.

Planning for the long service leave is fantastic. I am going to South America and doing the 'trail of the tango' tour. Very exciting.

So lots going on! Will be more focused tomorrow - just beside myself with excitement that I am able to get on!

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