Wednesday, January 9, 2008

internet at home

I have discovered the joy of having the internet at home. How much fun will I now have - but it has been ages since I have written anything. Considering the hour this will be very short! I will add more as the week progresses and will sort things out more fully.

December - funk hit, work finished (yay), xmas and new year festvities.

Now it is January and I am left to ponder lots of things such as why have I been endowed with a huge personality but not the sense of when to keep my mouth shut. (I refer to a date where I basically called the guy I was with a wanker not once but twice! Maybe he was but was it really my place to say that on a first date!)

I also need to refine my bullshit meter. (It went out on New Years eve and found that I am little lost without it hence picking up and then losing in the space of 30 minutes 'pashman').

I have found out how much I can borrow (but that is secret widget business) when I want to purchase my house. Along these lines I have started to ask the right questions of people and am now getting some interesting advice and tidbits to investigate further.

The Western Front is VERY QUIET! I am pleased but I have discovered that the 18 year old girl is a complete bitch to say the least. They are quiet due to recieving a noise complaint - wonder who sent that in.

Now I am getting into saving, searching, running and basically looking.

All good really.......

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Frogdancer said...


You beat me by a few short hours!!

I was going to get up this morning, find that you hadn't posted, and leave you a nasty comment about having home internet put in and yet neglecting your faithful readers.

Oh well. No need to send it now.....