Thursday, January 10, 2008

Catch up

I have started on the fitness campaign with a little more enthusiasm than I thought was possible at this time of year in the heat! Yesterday I went back to the step group and went for a 4km run/walk. I have improved heaps down from just on 11 mins/km I am now down to 8.30 mins/km. I am impressed with myself.

This morning I went for an hour long walk along the beach. I realised that I really underuse that place so much. I dont want to be like all the people who get in the car and drive to the beach coz its hot. Do you know how hard it is to get out of my street when all the people come to visit? You cant see the traffic for the parked cars! I am not upset but it has made me realise that I have this amazing resource open to me and I dont use it! Maybe I should think about getting up earlier and going for a walk every morning. Should do something like that when I get back to work.

Now to update the neighbour situation. I think I might have written that I had put in a complaint about the lovely neighbours to my real estate agent. What I think has happened is that the REA then asked other neighbours what/when/how/why? The next thing I know is that the neighbour mother came out and said "We've had a noise complaint." That was a few weeks ago. There have been moments of noise - especially when the vixen 18 year old has a few to drink and turns up the radio/tv or just basically yells at her mother who says "Shh!"very loudly. I dont hear them as much so I have relaxed a great deal.

Then there are the joys of putting the internet on at home using a self install kit. The process should be connect up the modem as per instructions (failed that one, plugged the phone line into the wrong jack) turn on computer, insert disc (all good so far) and launch the program. This is where the issues began and frustration set in. My computer didn't want to read the disc as it failed to launch flash host etc. I then decided that there must be a way to set the system up yourself using manual installation. I got on really well - solved a few problems but I could not get onto the net after the gateway page.

Following the instructions "if you are experiencing difficulties ring the help line" I rang and received a fairly lac lustre response which didnt help me that much. I rang back again and was told that I needed to have 'flash' installed on the computer - here began the catch 22 which I didnt get out of until 24hours later! I could only get flash by being able to access the internet which I couldnt get onto as I was unable to access the disc without the flash program which I could only get if I was on the internet........


I rang a third time! The man said I definitely needed flash to get to the disc....Why? I asked - no response given, or possibly known. He then said visit my friendly telstra shop as they would supply me with the necessary application for free. Off I trotted to telstra shop where I was met with the response "HUH?" Bless their hearts they ran around, looked busy and tut-tutted effectively around me. One girl then took me under her wing and rang tech support who then hung up on her. She got frustrated (my cunning plan was starting to work!) but rang back and got a little support with some confusing instructions.

While I was at the mammoth shopping centre I went shopping (to ease the frustration....) and thought that I would drop into another mac seller (did I mention that I am not on a PC which is an issue for computer techs over the phone apparantly!) and also my internet provider seller. I asked the technician if there was a way to manually get past the need for the use of the disc to which he gave sane (yes I mean that) response to do with warranty, support etc.

Day 2 of attempting the installation of the easy self install kit I went to work and downloaded Flash (I didnt go there especially as I am on holidays but went to chat with a bloke about the job I will be doing with him). Flash installed I tried to boot up the disc and it failed to launch because it couldnt connect with Flash!!!!!! OMG!

Back home I tried to launch again - no luck (really?) so rang the support network again.


I lucked upon a lovely man (Jason) who tokke me through what I had done and cleaned up a few bits a pieces here and there. I commended him on how good he was to me and asked to speak to the team leader. Did he freak out or what! I told him that I wanted to speak to her as I wanted to commend his actions (he had me connected to the internet!) and get stuck into the others that hand hindered my progress.

I feel good now that I have got that out of my system.

Tomorrow I will start on the progress of my 'love life' or the fact that I am confused as all gt up!

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