Friday, January 11, 2008


So it's hot at the moment and people all over the state were meant to have had a very restless night last night. I didnt. I slept like a log - except I did wake up earlier than I have at any other time during my holidays. I think that this has something to do with the heat. I do know that I didnt attempt to go to sleep until much later than normal due to the heat, so effectively I have had less sleep than normal. (about 5 hours all up)

To escape the heat last night I spent the time in a pub bistro with friends and then we lay/sat/strolled on the beach. It is amazing what you can talk about for a few hours in the heat on the beach - name changes by de poll was the most contentious topic raised. Found out that a couple of friends have changed their name.... Interesting. Dont think I would do it.

Oh up date - date man who I inadvertently called a wanker twice has asked me out again. Well more like asked me for a catch up when I come back from my holidays. So maybe we have all moved beyond the name calling (even if it was a pure mistake).

In amongst all the crazy activities that took place with men between my last serious blogging times and this one I was asked a few serious questions by a male who I met. This particular male showed some interest, I was unaware of this interest but I went out on a date with him, and during that time we both realised that there was nothing but brotherly love. Good thing too as I was getting confused. But he did ask me what my expectations of males are..... Never actually thought this question through before. Now I am thinking what I am expecting but I have not yet come up with answers that I am prepared to commit to - maybe that is part of the issue with me. Commitment. No I dont think that is the major part of it but one day maybe I will share that.

One thing I do know is that I am restless at the moment. I think that this is tied with the weather as well as where I am in relation to males and dating.

Oh bother I start to feel a philosophical bent hitting me and my brain is tired from the heat and words dont come easily. This is more the mood that I should use late in the evening. I should try an evening blog before I go to sleep.

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