Saturday, January 12, 2008

the real deal

I now feel that my holidays are really here. I am going away for the week (re no blogging for a week) just down the road a bit to another spot near the beach. I will be leaving in a few hours before I get in the car and go I have to finish packing, take the cat to the cattery and vacuum.

I was out last night at a comedy walk around the city. We walked one entire block. I laughed lots. I felt that the tour could have gone a little longer (just on an hour) but I liked the way the man leading the tour incorporated everyone in the group. We also had another comedian join us on the tour. There was a moment of banter between them and that was hilarious - just the sense of creativeness between them. It was momentary but it was a highlight to see.

We also had an interesting moment where one of the people from the social group I belong to, joined us then ran away when the concept of having to pay came up. It was quite amusing. The person was quite unattractive in both looks and behaviour (I felt uncomfortable in their presence even though they never stood next to me). The woman organising the social group was really good about all of it though.

After the tour we had a quick drink (well mine was quick) at the local across the road. Another woman in the group complained about the noise BUT IT WASNT NOISY! She should have lived here a few months ago when it was noisy with the neighbours - again they are very quiet. They did have a good fight last night before I went out but it was all inside and I didnt hear what they were fighting about. In a sense I am happy about this turn but I do miss the glimpse into the lives of others.

The cool change hit yesterday around midday. It was intriguing the way the wind rose and changed from the north to the south. I had to quickly go out and take up the bamboo blinds that I put up at the beginning of the new year. I then opened up the house and everything cooled down quite quickly. The wind was quite strong and kept knocking things over which frightened the cat dramatically. I had to settle her down for a sleep (sounds like a baby!) after which she didnt know much about the loud bangs and crashes going on around her.

Off to pack and vacuum - might take the cat to the cattery as I leave.

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