Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Phew! What a week I have had.

Preparing check list:
1) reports - done
2) hpv camp (Human powered vehicle to the uninitiated) - done
3) year 12 marking - done
4) collapsing in a heap - half done, to be completed many times between now and the end of the year!
5) realising you have volunteered for another camp - done (yep - you read correctly, am going on the Duke of Edinburugh camp now)
6) needing to go shopping for my own sanity - no where near complete.

So after all of this I need to tell you about the Western Front.

They are working on an irregular timeline. I am not coping with it all. Sunday night I came home from the HPV camp and collapsed into my bed at about 9pm. Next thing I am awoken at 11pm by the dulcet tones of my two female neighbours (mother and daughter) having a good barney at each other.

We seem to have moved beyond the whole idea of just loud music and occasional swearing. Now it is taking a whole new turn. Home truths were coming out. There was mention of the fact that the mother had not been a good role model for the 18 year old lass and that the lifestyle she chose to lead (the 18 year old) could only be blamed on her mother. I was lying in bed when the fight started. I had to move, the best listening room in the house is the toilet. Wow! It was fantastic - "Days of our Lives" has nothing on this. Screaming, tears, threats of violence. Hmm! gotta love the neighbourhood. Last night was quiet. I think it might build up again. The ebb and flow is astounding. Not sure what to do really. Suggestions (within the limits of Australian law) are accepted.

Think it is time to go shopping now.

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Frogdancer said...

Loved the moving to the toilet comment. I think we've all done that when the occasion demands...