Monday, February 18, 2008

no work today

I am not going to work today. I woke up many times during the night and found that the toilet was my best friend. I am ok now but I need the time to refresh the batteries as waking that number during the night is not really good for the psyche.

Maybe (and I mean this in the nicest possible way) I shouldn't have met up with the person I did last night for dinner.

An interesting dinner I had last night with this person. He has interesting view points about why the world is the way it is and did not think that I should voice my opinion. To aide in this he spoke for the entire time. I was impressed. While he sprouted his opinions about why Australia was the way it was (including some fascinating comments about sleeper terrorists living suburbia - could be true, maybe not...) I sat and looked like a doting female.

Each and every time I opened my mouth to disagree he almost listened to what I said and then threw a vitriolic statement back within a 30second turn around.

I ended up smirking most of the way through this.

Why didn't I get up and leave? Honestly, I don't know. This is something that I have to work on. Get up, say politely "This has been interesting" and walk away.

At one stage I got this question out: "Do you always speak like this?" I got the answer "Yes". So I learnt that my friends wont like him.......Then I asked this one, "Why don't you go into politics and do something about these passionate views?" He almost laughed me out the venue.

By the end of the evening I realised that he is another "me, me, me...." person.

I must learn to recognise and sift these people a little more quickly.

I am now dealing with tiredness, a runny tummy and a bruised ear. I will spend most of the day sleeping, reading and feeding my tummy food that will settle it down.


balancedbill said...

Dear widget blog person.

I hope your tummy is feeling better.

I am new to, and I have a very "beginners" blog in process at

I am enjoying your ecklectic (sp?) posts.

Over and out,


Lesley said...

Hi there, Widget!
Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Happy to meet you.
I do hope your poor tummy is feeling better. Do you think it was the food or the bloke you were out with that gave you the grippe?
I'm enjoying your posts - I'll be back!

alice said...

Oh no, widget! I hope you feel better - and soon. I am sure it was the person and not the food. Sounds like he would give anyone the sh!ts...

I *did* drive past the mater home, and took a picture. I am afraid it will be anticlimactic, but I wiill post it anyway.
Take care of your bits.