Sunday, February 17, 2008

Blues Train

Last night I went on the blues train which was absolutely fantastic. I am now suffering the consequences. I drank a huge amount of alcohol which I havent done in months. Let's put it this way. I had 3 very large glasses of chardonnay (or should that be cardonnay as it came out of a cardboard box?) followed by 7 (I think) premixed cans. There was some food, lots of dancing and plenty of fun. I crashed and burned about midnight......thanks to the girls I shared a room with for taking the mattress down from the top bunk bed....I wouldn't have been able to climb up the ladder to the bunk after that drinking.

My favourite act was Jimi Hocking but he always has been.

The drive from my place to Queenscliff was fantastic for the silly signs you see along the way. My favourite combination so far was at a farm gate "For Sale: Exotic Lettuce and other vegetables" then another sign on the next farm "Exclusive Horse Manure". This led me to thinking that maybe the horse manure was only exclusive as was made from exotic lettuce.

Another thing that entertained me was staying with a group of people that you don't really know. You learn lots about other people's idiosyncrasies. I realised that I am quite normal really (yes even with my sorting out of clothes before they get to the washing line). My favourite 'outburst' was today when a large group of the 45 of us were at breakfast and one woman got SOOOOOOO FRUSTRATED with the fact that her breakfast did not arrive. she huffed and puffed and almost blew the restaurant down. It was fantastic.

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