Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Great Interview Experiment

The Great Interview Experiment

I finally read through Nancy's blog and found out lots about her already - she is fantastic at communicating her thoughts. I thought about what I could ask her as she gives of herself quite freely and I didnt want to ask the obvious...

Here it is......

1) What is your favorite festival season/celebration and why?

I'm not big on holidays. I don't like the stress and obligations that usually go along with them. I do however, love the hot summer season. I bitch, whine, and complain about the cold all winter, so summer can be hot and humid and I won't say a peep about it. Summer brings great outside activities.Outdoor concerts, fairs, etc., and BBQ's, so that would have be my favorite way to just celebrate with family and friends.

2) Considering the mayoral incident and the current presidential campaign, What do you look for in a political aspirant?

I'd like to say I am hopeful, but of late I am pretty cynical. I usually say pick your poison, or pick the best of the two evils. I feel we Americans have gone through some major changes and disappointments with this present administration and our saving grace can only be hope and prayer for major changes with our next President. She has a big job ahead of her. *wink*

3) Who is your favorite musician of all time?

Easy, The Beatles. Always and forever.

4) You said in "pass the remote control" blog in the 50 questions meme that (question 22) you would change some decisions in history. What would you change?

I realize that changing one thing would change the complete course of the future, but I would eliminate all genocide from history.

5) What is the furthest destination that you have ever traveled to?

The Caribbean, but before I die, I hope I can change that to Paris France and Fiji Islands.

6) Describe your ideal destination.

Anyplace, hot, sandy, and plenty of SCUBA!

7) Describe a perfect weekend.

This would vary with the company and weather. So for now, something low-key, with friends, enjoying laughter, drinks, and swapping stories. I'm not one for big deal flare. If it was summer, I would say a double header at Comerica Park followed by dinner in downtown Royal Oak.

8) What are the most important song lyrics you have ever heard and why?

I don't really favor one song over another. I love all kinds of music. My kids dad is a musician and I'd have to answer this question, the song that has meant the most to me is one he wrote for me when we first met.

9) If you had to dispose of everything you owned except for 3 items, what would you keep and why?

Photos, my kids "boxes of memories" I have saved, (such as school work and home made items) because they are priceless and irreplaceable and a pair of good fitting jeans

10) What is the funniest things your kids have ever done that will stay with you forever?

Both kids had the typical shinning moments throughout their childhood so it's hard to pick just one. We still laugh about when my son was just a couple days old and lying on the counter for a sponge bath, he did the typical boy pee ... but it was a perfect shot/aim right into the toaster slot. My daughter, hands down, when she was 5, one week before kindergarten, she cut her bangs herself. Right off. Down to the root! Today, she is a hair stylist.

I enjoyed these questions!

Go and have a look at what she's up to. Can't wait for my questions to come...............?????

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Nancy said...

=) You made this fun.

I'll watch for your interview. I hope you get your questions soon.