Thursday, February 21, 2008

just a ramble

I have noticed that I'm blogging late in the day at the moment. This is due to the crazy things I do in my job each day.

Take today for instance.

I started with a theory class for some dedicated babies (10 in total today) at 8am, then my standard performance class, a lesson of catching up some paperwork, recess where I ran around looking amazing, a styles class (history and lit of music), then an extra for a maths teacher (wow!!!!!), lunch was a meeting after being social, then year 9 babies composing on individual instruments while a tour was taking place, year 9 performance, more admin and then a meeting.

I love being busy but this was ridiculous. I am now going home, having a bite to eat and then off to my singing lesson. Hopefully tonight I wont pick up any little old Greek Men to drive home.......

Speaking of driving - I am amazed at how many people think that they dont need to indicate their manouveres when they are driving. Today on my trip to work a guy was sitting in the middle of the road waiting to turn into a car spot on the other side of the road and NOT and indicator in sight. We all had to guess what his story was......

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Anonymous said...

I guess the no-signaling isn't limited to the US then.