Friday, February 22, 2008

I am stuffed.

Having just read Frogdancers comments and blog (I just checked what time you left them and you really should try sleeping.....) and thought I should explain that 'stuffed' means absolutely exhausted. It is a particularly Australian phrase. Along the lines of "how are you?" "I'm stuffed mate."

It's Friday evening and I am stuffed.

Should I go out?

No. I am stuffed.

But I am a single woman and there is a possibility that I might meet the man of my dreams.

Yes. But I am stuffed.

My neighbours might have a party and be really loud.

Yes. But I am stuffed. (earplugs are also a good in this situation).

There are no good shows on television tonight and I cant stand Aussie Rules Football and the Cricket now bores me to tears. Surely I should go out.

No. I am stuffed.


Frogdancer said...


I had a similar conversation with myself last night.

Kim said...

OMG you sound like my mother.
That is not good.
Suck it up.
Put the lippy on and go.out.

widget said...

Yes Kim it is sad - even I could hear my mother saying "for goodness sake, go out and have some fun". I have recovered enough and I am making up for it. Just in now from dinner with friends and then out again Sunday night with other friends. This week was strange in terms of energy levels and by Friday I WAS stuffed. Next Friday I promise I will put the lippy on and get out of the house. Hang on - what time is this you wrote the comment on a Saturday night?????This is terrible get out girl!