Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I woke up early this morning. Very early! In fact I think the clock said something like 3.54am! I tried dozing again - no luck. I read but couldnt maintain focus and then tried to sleep but my mind was whirring with many thoughts. The cat thought it was brilliant! She had an early morning playmate. Every 15-20 minutes she rubbed her head in my hands and purred very loudly.

I know why I woke up early - I had my doona up the wrong way. I have a feather doona and I had put the cover on so that the feathers were all near the head - not at my feet as they normally are in summer. At that hour of the morning it took me a good 20 minutes to register why I was uncomfortable. I flipped the doona around and became more comfortable but sleep still evaded me.

In amongst all my angst of trying to get back to sleep (often have that feeling of being deprived of something yet I know many people who wake up early each night...) I heard what sounded like a cat mewing loudly and pitifully. Then I realised that it wasnt a cat. It was the young child in the front unit - wow! What a set of lungs that girl has. I don't normally hear her but I did this morning and she sounded very concerned.

The diesel train went past then. The line is a good 10 minute walk through suburbia but the sound of the freight diesel was amazing. I have heard it a few times but most of the time I sleep through its movement to the city. I lived next right next door to a rail line once and got used to the sound of the trains going past at all hours of the day and night - it was the housemate I couldnt quite get used to....

He was a creature of habit. He awoke each morning at 5.15 and 'quietly' (I do jest at the term) moved around the house having breakfast and getting his lunch box ready for the day (he worked on building sites so preparation of the thermos was vital). He left at around 6 and the house was quiet until I got up at 7. I arrived home at 4 and he had been home since 3ish (only know from the days that I was home) and then pottered around the house/garden/garage. Often this pottering took in looking after his dog (beautiful labrador) and drinking a few tinnies.

Dinner was down at the local pub, but he had to prepare for that romp. This preparation began at 5.10pm, into the bathroom, shower, shave (could hear it all) and application of strong aftershave. He walked to the local (about 10 minutes all up - which is good for the outer suburbs) I wouldnt hear from him until he came home after 10pm with a new woman each night. It was impressive but a little disconcerting. I often wondered how he was able to keep to this schedule, but keep to it he did! (The women never stayed all night in case you are wondering.)

Trains were nothing compared to his routine.

I have come to realise while writing this post that I sleep quite soundly most of the time but once I am awake I find it very difficult to get back to sleep. I also then spend much too much time focusing on the source of the sound rather than sleeping! Food for thought there in relation to the neighbours (who are very quiet today - it is early in the week).

So I think I will get up next time that I cant sleep and do something productive - like clean the house or some such thing.

Also I have just looked up DWF website and there is no posting yet. Can it be that I have arisen earlier than the frog dancer?

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Frogdancer said...

Yes you did.

I have nothing to say this morning....

Actually, I've been playing on the Aussie bloggers forum.

By the way, I like the new colours. The old ones were a little hard to read.

You know you'll need a nanna nap later today, don't you?