Monday, January 21, 2008

Navel gazing

I can tell that I have been away in a place where it was very quiet as I was disturbed by the neighbours last night. They did have the television on loudly (I only notice when I watch the same channel and I have free surround sound) and the mother and daughter had a quick, loud, nasty argument. They did take it inside so that is a blessing. As a result I thought about how far away I am from purchasing - that made me sad, but then I realised that I am not as far as I was 3 months ago....

Thanks to Dancingwithfrogs for the blog yesterday. I was sitting and reading it while I was mulling over a few things here and there. (cost of living etc). I realised that I will have to make a few changes to my lifestyle - not major ones really - but to save to the extent that I want to I will have to make those changes. I decided that I will have to put a budget into place. Blech! I am sure that it wont take me too long to work it out..... Trouble is that once I have it in place some of it means entertaining at home and the neighbours break out the big sound.

This morning the Realtors turned up to photograph one of the units that are in the block - again another clue that I need to get on the band wagon of home ownership. Sometimes I feel that I have left it way too late but then I am reminded of the fact that you are never too late to start, its just a different price range that you have to play in.

As I walked home from walking along the beach with a friend of mine and her baby I was thinking that I also have to start looking at investments etc. I meant to do that before the summer holidays started but I find it so hard to get myself motivated at this time of the year. I know that this is not uncommon among teachers that I know. In fact I spent some time talking to other teachers (mainly single ones) about this fact. Yeah - love the holidays but too much time to actually play with in one hit. Christmas and New Year take away a fortnight of that time and then you are left with the time where the whole world seems to stop. After that it is hard to regain the motivation.... This week I have set myself a few tasks to complete before heading back to work next week.

Please don't misunderstand me - I love my holidays, in fact that is one of the many pluses of my career, it's just this time of the year that the motivation ebbs and you are in a situation where you just are. I don't think I can explain it any other way. It is a time where I sit and ponder the world. Where December was the month where I have recognised the funk hit, January is time of introspection.

Time for lunch and off to by some music for work.....

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