Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A day in the life

Yesterday was so long.

I awoke at just before 4 and didnt get back to sleep. I eventually got to bed about 10.30 but that was after a jam-packed day.

I cleaned the house (thanks to the flylady) using a 15 minute process. 15 minutes in the bedroom (but only needed 10!) to move all the things that didnt belong there. Off to the bathroom for the last 5 minutes where I cleaned and did a fling (so many things now gone). The kitchen got a quick once over and I moved into the lounge room and all surfaces were sorted out.

Finally I got to the dumping room - the 2nd bedroom. I can now see the desktop! It is amazing. A few things put out to the garage - but into their correct places not just dumped. While I was out there the car got a quick clean, at least I got the rubbish out of the car.

After all this cleaning I zipped into the city and met a Scottish lady and became her tour guide for the afternoon. We walked from the station to Southbank, along there and had lunch, past the arts centre and then down to the visitors information centre to find out about penguin tours and the apostles. Somewhere in amongst all of this walking we had lunch in a food court so that she could choose what she wanted.

Finally we went and did what we had organised to do - go to the aquarium. I've never been there and really loved it! Well I loved the fish, the sharks, the crustaceans and other water critters but I didnt like the screaming children. So many excited kids everywhere and their voices are so shrill! There is nothing like hearing the echo of the child standing next to you as they squeal "mummy look at the sting ray, it's eating!"

The only reason it affected me so was that due to the lack of sleep I was just starting to get a headache adn the noises were piercing. If I was no sleep deprived I wouldn't have even noticed much.

Catching the train home I had what frogdancer told me I would need - a Nana nap. I lost between 4 - 6 stations. Maybe more. The train was crowded, I was in a window seat and the sun was beating in on me, the gentle rocking all combined and it was too much.

I couldnt sleep until the man sitting in a seat group away from me went to sleep - he was far too entertaining to sleep before that. The man was a special needs man and was coming home from working in the city somewhere. He began the journey eating a chocolate bar - a family size chocolate bar, which he ate like I would eat an apple. Each bite was huge but it was his reaction to the chocolate that intrigued me and everyone else. He cherished each mouthful - the groans, the sighs, the loving looks at the chocolate were heartfelt. The little old ladies sitting behind him and directly in front of me did not cope with the increasing level of noise. Finally (after 15 minutes) he finished the block and started to fall asleep. Everyone relaxed and I felt sleep overtake me.

To top off the entire night I played netball. It was due to start at 9.05pm but we didnt get going until 9.20 something. I was a little vague by then. I played ok - ran but still have to work on the idea of sticking to the player even when I am in a running position (didnt play keeper which I enjoyed). We won!

By the time I got home it was after 10.30, quick shower, contacts out and I snuggled into bed. I managed to read 10 pages in the new book I have and was asleep until 7am this morning.

As I said the day was so long.

By the time the late afternoon hit each minute felt like 5 so the time dragged on. The day was not that exciting but it is interesting to see how you react when tiredness kicks in.

Realised that I wont ever be able to be a spy if I cant work well with little sleep. That at least is a bonus as I wont be risking life and limb for the country......

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