Thursday, January 24, 2008

let downs

My mind is slightly in disarray. Things this week have not gone as I thought they would.

I go back to work on Tuesday next week and this week I decided to get a few things organised.

Monday I went into the city to get some music for the choir but found that the store that I have always gone to but found, after stupidly driving in and spending a good 15 minutes looking for a cheap (read free but there are none) carpark, that the store no longer sells choir music.

Shame on you Allans! There was no advertising informing me of the change of policy. I have spent 20 years going in and looking at choir music there. I was frustrated to say the least. I texted a friend who suggested another place but I couldnt get there for a day or so.

I went there yesterday and found a wall of music just for choirs! Yay. I have purchased some new music and I am extremely happy but that changed......

Last night I was stood up! It has been a long while since someone has acted that childish around me!

Should probably explain that I met this person on the 9th of December and thought that there was a possibility of something developing. We met again two weeks later, he had gone on a holiday for a week and there were a few texts back and forwards but no phone call until he came back.

The second time we met it was fun and I enjoyed myself heaps.

Christmas with family and New Years with friends took a lot of time for both of us and there were still texts going on.

Suddenly I didnt hear from him and I then broke my rule and rang him....... we organised to catch up - no definite date set but I left that to him to finalise. I also had a suspicion that there was another woman on the scene from something he said. He texted me on a Wednesday and asked me if I was free that very night. I wasnt and dont thnk I would have been if I was free anyway.

He seemeed slightly peeved at my response and I thought that it was all over - but no he rang the next day and booked a date (last night) with me as I was going away the week in between.

Monday I recieved a text asking if I was back. I replied in the affirmative and that I was looking forward to chatting to him. Then text, no call, nothing.

I asked for advice from froglady and she said prepare yourself as if it is going to happen and then just see how it pans out.

I gave myself a time limit and then had dinner (home made souvlaki followed by icecream). I decided by this stage that I was over the very flimsy forms of communication that I have had with this male so I thought it would be best to delete everything from my phone. Whilst deleting a message I inadvertantly sent a blank message to him. I got an instant reply querying the blank message - which meant another one to delete. He is all gone now.

I suppose I should have let it go earlier when he reacted badly to me sort of calling him a wanker when I saw his car (a lower end price porsche) with his name as the number plate! I was more shocked than calling him a wanker.

I feel quite relieved now - as though something has finally happened even though nothing has.

As I said it has been years (over 20) since I was stood up but this time I am just pissed off with the turn of events, not crushed as I was over 20 years ago.

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Frogdancer said...

Like I said last night....
it's dickheads like this that give dating a bad name.
It must have been the night for dickheads. Andrew the bastard rang out of the blue wanting to know if I'd go to Spamalot with him. Obviously his live-in girlfriend didn't want to.
I said no.