Sunday, January 27, 2008

big sleep

I slept in this morning! I have not done that all holidays! In fact I am rather amused that I've waited until the second last day of my holidays to have a sleep in!

Well - I have slept in, but that was after I had woken at 6am and thought 'bugger this', rolled over and forced myself back to sleep! This morning was something quite different. I rolled over and looked at the clock and it read 8.15. I thought that I might like to have a little more time and then I woke up properly and it was 10.20. I was very excited over the concept that I had had another 2 hours and did not have to fight myself for that sleep.

Today is a busy day - of sorts. I am going to do a little shopping (food for the week), get my car washed and vacuumed (I could do it myself cheaper but have you seen the dust train that is my car?), go and watch a woman who works in my department get married at 3pm, then out for dinner at 6.30.

I have to also have to try and finish this 'silly' book that I am reading. Too much has happened to the lead character for me to believe it! There is too much of shock, horror, gasp factoring going into my enjoyment. Every other character in the book loves the main character too much. I will not tell you the name of the book but it was something I picked up at the local library so I don't feel that I have wasted any money.

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Laura Jane said...

Isn't it exciting to have an extra two hours sleep - it even feels a bit illicit! But it is SO refreshing it does your soul good!

Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog - and now I've been able to visit you, I see I'm on your blogroll! Thanks - I'm honoured.