Saturday, January 26, 2008

Australia Day #2

I just wanted to write a little more - I felt that I didnt have a lot to say this morning - probably as I was exhausted to say the least - two hours of exercise can do that you!

This afternoon I lay on my bed and had a nana nap to the sound of an amazing thunderstorm. The cat joined me - she was a little frightened. The thunder rolled and she jumped. The lightening flashed and she opened an eye. I watched her with one eye and tried to sleep with one eye open. I realise that that saying is just silly. I tried it and it doesnt work!

I digress.

The thunderstorm produced little or no rain in my charming suburb of Melbourne. If it rained for anyone else please let me know.

That reminds me, I have made this blog so that anonymous people can leave their comments.

Back to the little sleep that I had, or attempted. I found that I did indeed sleep for about 5 minutes. I have this question. If a power nap (15 minutes) can save lives, as per road safety campaigns, what does a 5 minute super-dooper power nap do?

The sound of thunder did keep me grounded. It was quite hot here today, over 30C and the humidity was quite high. The thunder made me feel that it was a tropical storm brewing. I realised that I should have lain on the floor in my lounge and looked at the palm tree through the bamboo blind that a friends husband installed for me. That would have made me feel like it was indeed a resort town, or at least the tropics.

The only thing that has ruined the experience for me is the sound of the bogan neighbours. Has anyone clued in how much I detest them? The sound of their whining, high-pitched voices discussing nothing really important (except the occasional interesting fight about fidelity and abuse etc) drives me to distraction. If you accompany that with the sound of aluminium cans being fossicked for in the ice bin, cracked open, crumpled and then thrown into the recycling bin on a regular basis, you will start to have an idea of what they are like. The television being watched at a much too loud volume (someone in the house must be deaf!) and the fact that they do like to sit on the fence line in an area of close living then you are starting to enter the world that I detest!

I make a pledge here and now that I will stop blogging about the neighbours - although I will have to take heed of more things around me

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Frogdancer said...

be honest. You love the bogans. You want to grow up and be just like them. I can tell....